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UPDATE: This event is over - thank you all for coming!

We are bringing together a bunch of Digital Artists, for a night of inspiration and getting to know each other's crafts over a drink! 🥂

Motion Designers, 3D Modelers, XR Creators, Game Developers, Illustrators,
and anyone who is interested :)

Oct 5th at
Sexyland World in Amsterdam, from 5pm-1am.

There are 3 talks by talented creators, each around 15mins, starting at 7pm.
Before and after the talks, Jelee will provide the music!

Hope to see you there! 😊

Sexyland entrance is €3, and they sell food at the bar!


Suza Vos -
on Digital Fashion

“What if we could express ourselves without wasting any physical material?” This was the question Suza asked herself.
With a background in tailoring, she began to question the fashion industry’s practices. The concept of 3D fas
hion resonated with her as a means to create a more sustainable future.
Being one of the pioneers in this field, her career took a significant turn. Suza started as a junior fashion designer at The Fabricant and eventually grew into the role of Creative Lead. This year, she embarked on her own journey as an independent digital fashion artist, establishing her own brand.
Her work serves as a reflection of her life, characterized by a unique style that combines vintage and archetypal elements through a futuristic lens.

Arthur Bouffard -
An Introduction to World AR

Arthur Bouffard is a Creative Technologist focused on Augmented Reality development.
He is known for his viral AR content where the use of AR blends real and digital worlds.
Combining his Telecommunications Engineering Master's at King's College London and a passion for visual arts, he now merges creativity and technology throughout his work.
At Gospooky, he has co-developed experiences for Coca-Cola, Dior, Tiffany & Co, Samsung, JBL & many others.
He specializes in Visual Positioning Systems (VPS), real-time physics, particle systems, and mixed-reality utility applications.

Imagination of Things -

Add, Commit, and Push: How we can shape the future of AR beyond advertisement

Imagination of Things is a play studio blending narrative uses of design and technology to craft stories and spark impact. They set up playgrounds for radical imagination.
The studio is directed by Vitor Freire and Monique Grimord.

Vitor is a Brazilian creative director, strategist, and educator. He has collaborated in places like VICE/Virtue,
CP+B, 72andSunny, worked with clients like AB InBev, Henkel, Crocs, the EU Commission, and the architect Ole Scheeren. His passion for playful urban imagination was seen in projects in cities like São Paulo, New York, Lisbon, Strasbourg, Amsterdam, Athens, and Marseille.



Before and after the talks, there will be music by Jelee! linktree

The autodidact artist that goes by the name Jelee is hard to pin down when it comes to describing his style or genre. While the traces of jazz, electronic music, and beats ar
e the most apparent influences, other genres like world music, IDM and soundtrack left a mark on Jelee’s sound too. His first release arrived on streaming services and vinyl in early 2019 and it was merely the beginning. Since then Jelee has released several projects including releases on Carista’s United Identities, Stamp The Wax and most recently his debut album Soil on Wicked Wax and Rucksack Records, and a follow up EP released on Wicked Wax.

Besides producing and releasing music, Jelee also founded his own record label called Heliopolis Recordings and has thus far released music by local artists. These releases are not bound by any genre, perfectly in line with Jelee his own musical endeavors.


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